Changing Japan and the world through cars. For vehicle trade leave the job to us, REAL CO., LTD

Our business

Organization chart

Domestic business division

  • Sales division
  • Insurance division
  • Service and support division
  • Car rental division

Overseas business division

  • Hong Kong
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Kenya

Domestic business

  • 販売事業部

    Sales division

    New and secondhand vehicle sales

  • サービス事業部

    Service and support division

    Every month we carry out more than 100 annual car check-ups and maintenances.

  • 保険事業部

    Insurance division

    Wide range private and corporate insurance
    Aioi Nissei
    Dowa damage insurance agency

  • レンタカー事業部

    Car rentals division

    We provide commercial vehicle rentals.

Overseas business division

  • Auto auction

  • secondhand vehicle sales

  • Customer

  • Land transport to our contracted yard

  • Custom clearance

  • Storage, inspection, maintenance

  • Export procedure

  • Price set

Local company
  • Sell

Sell vehicle parts

  • 日本


    Buy for high price (Japanese users)

  • コンテナ輸送


  • 世界各国拠点

    Our base around the world

    Obtain high quality Japanese parts
    (Foreign users)

Our overseas business division is also consist of selling vehicle parts.In cases where a car cannot be reconstructed in Japan, we will dismantle the vehicle and export each parts out to different countries.We have a well establish route to each country we do business with, enabling us to buy parts from our Japanese users for the highest price possible, and export the safest and highest quality parts to our foreign users.We will keep at heart the trustworthiness of the Japanese brand as we expand our business.